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National Cosplay
Sunday, July 30, 2006

[mood | happy]
[music |Simple and Clean]

yes! I'm there uhm i think it's my 2nd or 3rd time to come to a cosplay even!! wohoo!XD anyway i went there at pass 8 i think.. we weren't included at the first 50 but its ok with us anyway... i was with Nicole, when we arrived there Michelle, Sakura and Florissa are there already and are included at the first 50.. ok so there we are waiting outside for about one and a half *screams* anyway at 10am and ... minutes.. we were finally got to go inside.. well the place.. nothing usual i already know the place since it is where we held our graduation ball which reminds me that our ball stinks! ahaha anyway nothing much happened as usual there are cosplayers everywhere.. dressing-up and doing some finishing touch at their costume.. we where sitting at the left side near infront of the stage... before 2pm i think, the cosplayers are already ramping at the stage there i saw one guy cosplaying as ABEL Nightroad!<3 *giggle* i love Abel so much so i really like the cosplayer.. and his scythe!!! anyway i really enjoy the event although i didn't have any items from the even except the chobits sticker i bought for us to have a copy of what Chii looks like for us to draw her at the group art.. hehehe

oh yeah i remember my friend told me that my ticket number was called but unfortunately i was at the powder room so i didn't hear it.. yeah it's sad 'coz i didn't have a chance to get that free items which is i don't know what items that is.. anyway its ok with me.. at least i was able to come to an event again for long months...LOL! oh and i saw pinay there she's one of the staffs that's very cool of her..for i wish to be one of the Otaku staff too *sob*

that's all i think.. at least i have lots of fun.. uhhh 3/4 of fun i think LOL! ok that's it for now..

posted by Sinklaire @ 7/30/2006 06:39:00 PM
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