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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

[mood | accomplished]
[music |Canon(Rock) by Funtwo]

my computer had some problems last June 24, the windows aren't starting so my mother got angry 'coz her files will be lost... well its my fault i think because i'm the last one who used the pc

anyway our computer is fix now and all my files are saves.. oh and our computer had some upgrades!! yahoo!!!XD

also i made a new blog layout image.. i think i overdone it..^^;
it looks nice anyway.. hehe so that's all

posted by Sinklaire @ 6/28/2006 12:41:00 PM
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2 months of purely Trinity Blood
Monday, June 19, 2006

[mood | hyper]
[music | Dress by Buck-Tick ]

April 18 - a friend of mine introduce two characters from an anime titled "Trinity Blood", well the character's name are Isaak and Deitrich, i remember telling her that i kinda like the long hair guy from the picture she send me and she like the short-haired guy... anyway i like the art but it didn't interest me that day.. why? well i dunno.. its myy birthday that day..XD

May 23 - she again told me about it.. i mean that anime, she again send me sone group pictures there i saw the main character "Abel Nightroad" he's so cool!! *blushes* she send me his Vampier look (Crusnik) and there it all begin.. i begin to like like the anime that i asked her to send more pictures especially pictures of Abel..<3

May 24 - Blog and Gaia Layouts!! i asked her to make me an Abel Layout *giggles* first she let me borrow her trinity blood layout at gaia after that she gave me my own layout!! wah! and its so cool!!<3<3<3

May 25 - that day.. i've been making some trinity blood signatures for my Gaia online account..hehe^^

May 27 & 29 - all ive been doing is searching for Trinity Blood pictures..

May 28 - i watched the 1st episode of trinity blood at Youtube =P

May 30 - my friend Angeli gave me a site.. image gallery of Trinity Blood<3

June 8 - i bought the DVD of Trinity Blood at shopwise of course im with my friend sakura and florissa.. they accompanied me there.. oh yeah we also ate and yeah.. sakura bought her own mp3 player...

June 11 - i went to my friend's house we watched the DVD together.. thought some interuptions... so well we have a drawing/coloring session hahaha!! and before we leave we left the drawing for my friend to scan them... oh and i asked her to add some more mp3s at my player..

so well i haven't finished watching the series but its ok.. i can watch it soon..
oh i was thinking maybe this coming saturday since its Manila day we can angain watch it.. i mean the whole episodes..

anyway gtg now..

posted by Sinklaire @ 6/19/2006 07:10:00 PM
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

well as you can see the date today is purely six.. O.O
anyway it doesn't bother me that much.. its just weird..

anyway today i watched this movie entitled "the omen"
well the story is ok though its too fastXP and it isn't scary at all..
the sound effects is good too but too loud so well yeah i was shock..~_~

anyway nothing much happened today.. but my allowance for today are all gone!!
not exactly all..~_~

that's all for now.. not in a mood.. im so tired so gtg!

posted by Sinklaire @ 6/06/2006 07:52:00 PM
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