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Unforgettable days
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 20
uhmm ok like always.. i go to school attend classes.. but you know? something different happened..

*while walking on the street..* it was like no classes.. lol well the place was quiet.. so yeah.. i was like 5 meters away from the school gate when suddenly my bag moved O_O and when i look at it my bag's zipper is open and my cellphone is gone!!
so i look back and saw a guy walking just the opposite..(i followed him because i didn't even saw him passed me by..)so anyway as i follow him i was calling him "Kuya" so when he i was about hafl meters away from him i told him this "Kuya, kuya! may nakita po ba kayong taong kumuha ng fone ko?" but he suddenly took something from his pocket and there it was my cellphone!!O_o he give it back to me saying that someone took it and get away.. (who would believe such a lie *stare*) so i just nod and get my phone then said "Thank you po kuya" (you wouldn't believe what just i said..) and as soon as i entered the school's gate it was like WFT?! what did i just say?! i thanked the snatcher.. *shocked* anyway as i walked and soon arrived at the classrom i told this to my friends and some of then were amazed?! and some some then just said "Bat mo ginawa yun?! panu kung sinaksak ka nya?" i was just laughing.. well i really don't know what happened to me that time.. you know to do such a thing talking to the snatcher and even thanking him?! well at least i got my phone back..lol!XD

May 21
so it was the opening of Mall of Asia so me and my brothers go there...

it was fun though it was very tiring.. walking for more than 3 hours ~_~
i almost memorized the whole building.. lol well i kinda forgot some places..

anyway there we happened to dropped by infront of Toy Kingdom wherein the cosplay thinggy was held. it was cool looking at the outfits/costume of the cosplayer.. but we didn't stay much.. my brother is a kill joy... he saw some cars just under the bridge thinggy we are in.. so we went down to look at the cars.. lol

anyway i wasn't that fun but it is still very cool on how big that mall is.. haha

uhhmm so that's it for now..g2g

posted by Sinklaire @ 5/23/2006 09:54:00 PM
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i'm stressed!!
Friday, May 12, 2006

hmmm not sure but its already a month since we started our classes..
so yeah im already tired waaaaa T_T

about school? hmm nothing much.. but you see because i'm ahead of my classmates i have no time to be with them! why is that it feels like its ok with them even if they got a failing mark waaaaa *cries*

anyway.. about computer/net games not spending much time playing anymore 'coz we have this group report.. and well we're gonna report about Photoshop! wow that's fun hehe since i have a little knowledge about it XP

anyway its already 7:45pm here and im so sleepy so then bye bye!
g2g2 sleep/take a nap

posted by Sinklaire @ 5/12/2006 07:31:00 PM
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