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Spending Time
Friday, March 24, 2006

a friend of mine accidentally ask me if i know someone from Gaia Online... sad to say i don't have.. in fact i myself don't know that site.. so a few days later i was bothered about what she texted me so i decided to ask her what was that... well at first i wasn't that interested because you'll just be drssing up your avatar which would need some gold for you to buy such expensive equipments... oh! and i was also a newbie (kaya medyo nangangapa pa ko kung panu yun...)

anyway by the help of Meira/Xedosarthea i was able to know how the game is...(is it a game??) hahaha btw for me to earn gold i have two choices which is to post in the forum or to go fishing.. hahaha fun? kinda... anyway i'm looking for filipinos there and i think i found a lot when i opened this forum for filipinos only.. hahaha

anyway i spend too much time at that site... oh no.. am i already hooked at Gaia Online... i don't want that to happened.. it will ruined my schedule (when classes starts...) anyway i'm still a college freshmen.. hahaha but this will be my last term.. hohoho on july i'll be a second year college!!!

anyway i was playing pRO this afternoon and a guy just PM me.. i was a bit iritated 'coz a but a pub that i'm "AFK" and he just keep on saying things.. argh!! after i replied he suddenly blocked all whispers.. so because i'm also iritated i blocked mine too..

anyway about my grades it's fine.. hahaha i have the same grades when it was our 1st term.. 2.15 hahaha we'll the only subject that i got the lowest was the Physics Lecture which i was concluding that i'll be a failing mark oh.. a miracle happened so there i passed.. hahaha

uhhmm about yesterday i was taking to my guildmate on pRO were having a conversation about me being invited to joined the GUILD eyeball this coming april but the date is not yet set so.. its kind a BIG problem to me.. hahaha anyway my guilmates are nice.. but to tell you they are all boys.. i think only 3 or 4 of them (im not included) are girls... waaaahhh i'm not really comfortable being with a group of boys.. but i think it's ok.. i have to socialize with people...XD

anyway gtg now...

posted by Sinklaire @ 3/24/2006 06:19:00 PM
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A Week
Monday, March 20, 2006

what happen for a week...

i haven't told about me and my brother are not in good terms last week... i really have no idea why is he mad at me... but las saturday he suddenly talked to me.. yey! i'm glad he's not mad after all but then later that night he told me why he looks as if he is going to kill me for the past few days... O_o the only reason he is mad is that i didn't give him chances to use the computer.. well to look at it.. i almost never get my butt of in front of our PC.. now i know..^^ well he forgives me anyway.

ok i haven't seen my grades yet.. the stupid professors are not yet done computing our grades.. but maybe they are also having a hard time because too many students failed.. anyway who would any professor would want to fail their students..right?
well i heard this from one of our prof. she doesn't want to see her students fail 'coz its as if no one really is we haven't learned anything from her... her only exceptions are if you really do your best even if your best is not enough.

anyway change topic... i joined this what they called SEIGE in pRO.. it was fun well the only thing that is not fun for me is.. as if i'm joining to a guild i can't relate with..(do you get what i'm saying...?) well i'll just adjust to them.. think of something to talk to..^^

i really wish Angeli can play pRO now..XD so that i could have companion.. someone i know..X.x

ok not gtg...

posted by Sinklaire @ 3/20/2006 02:12:00 PM
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Badtrip Again
Saturday, March 18, 2006

CURRENT BOOK: Stainless Longganisa by Bob Ong

argh!! i haven't seen my grades yet.. i didn't notice that they moved the schedule of the release of grades from March 17 to March 20

ok i was a bit excited yet worried what my grade will be... stupid humanities and physics lab teachers! they're not yet don't in computing grades! as a matter of fact they should have computed it faster than the other subjects because they only handle few section/class..

anyway i'm also badtrip because i can't connect a certain server! Badtrip talaga! then i woke up at the wrong side of the bed in short ang sama ng gising ko my parents are both chatting as if no one is sleeping.. they were just beside my bed chatting ang chatting with a loud voice.. are they deaf?!? not to hear to other.. they were only 1cm apart! BWISET TALAGA!!!!

hmph! what would be next?! i ever something that is not good will happen today! i will hate this day!

that's it for now... i'll continue reading my new book (look up for the title)

posted by Sinklaire @ 3/18/2006 07:28:00 AM
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I'm Failing!! ~i think~
Friday, March 10, 2006


after the passed few weeks... is it weeks or a month already?? anyway i can feel that summer is coming.. it is hot! i sweat even at mornings.. well anyway for my everyday routine... for the first time i was late at my Graphics class for 30MINUTES!! when i was walking at our hallway i didn't notice that our professor was following me at my back waaaa he was smiling then asked me why i'm late ok!! i just keep quiet 'coz i don't have anything to say i know it's my fault that i'm late..^^
he asked me what time i leave the house... i was so honest to tell him that i left home at 8:00am! and that day was the ash wednesday so it will be traffic at Baclaran..
well he can't do anything anymore i'm already late...XD

grades?? uhmm i'm kind of nervous at my Philosophy class my quizzes are very low! i look stupid! but i think she's not fair in giving grades.. you know why? uhhh i can't tell hehe^^ well she always give us an essay type of quiz i know that it's easy because you just have to write the things you know... but WHAT THE?!?! my scores there are very low! and i think all of the class are complaining about it! well some are not because they don't care...>.< i hope i'll be able to have even if it's a grade of 3!!(as in tres! pasang awa!! sana lang tlga hinde "5" sinco!waaa)
in my psychology i think i'll passed there but there are some consequences that i'll be able to get a grade of 5 which means failed because i lack recitaion!
oh no!! my Physics lecture i don't know what to do... i got a score of 7 in our first quiz there.. i'm such an idiot!!

this is my worst nightmare!! the only subjects that i'm very sure that i'll pass are PE,Graphics3,PhysicsLab.
now i have 3 subjects that is giving me such troubles.. oh no!! i don't want to repeat them again... waaaaaa *faints*

if i got failing grade this term i'll stop using computer every week days(except for my computerized homeworks), but if i got no failing grade i'll be happy!! hehehe it's a miracle if i got no failing grade... hehe

well gtg now.. (ayan jeddy nagupdate na ko hehehe)

posted by Sinklaire @ 3/10/2006 03:15:00 PM
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