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Spending Time
Friday, March 24, 2006

a friend of mine accidentally ask me if i know someone from Gaia Online... sad to say i don't have.. in fact i myself don't know that site.. so a few days later i was bothered about what she texted me so i decided to ask her what was that... well at first i wasn't that interested because you'll just be drssing up your avatar which would need some gold for you to buy such expensive equipments... oh! and i was also a newbie (kaya medyo nangangapa pa ko kung panu yun...)

anyway by the help of Meira/Xedosarthea i was able to know how the game is...(is it a game??) hahaha btw for me to earn gold i have two choices which is to post in the forum or to go fishing.. hahaha fun? kinda... anyway i'm looking for filipinos there and i think i found a lot when i opened this forum for filipinos only.. hahaha

anyway i spend too much time at that site... oh no.. am i already hooked at Gaia Online... i don't want that to happened.. it will ruined my schedule (when classes starts...) anyway i'm still a college freshmen.. hahaha but this will be my last term.. hohoho on july i'll be a second year college!!!

anyway i was playing pRO this afternoon and a guy just PM me.. i was a bit iritated 'coz a but a pub that i'm "AFK" and he just keep on saying things.. argh!! after i replied he suddenly blocked all whispers.. so because i'm also iritated i blocked mine too..

anyway about my grades it's fine.. hahaha i have the same grades when it was our 1st term.. 2.15 hahaha we'll the only subject that i got the lowest was the Physics Lecture which i was concluding that i'll be a failing mark oh.. a miracle happened so there i passed.. hahaha

uhhmm about yesterday i was taking to my guildmate on pRO were having a conversation about me being invited to joined the GUILD eyeball this coming april but the date is not yet set so.. its kind a BIG problem to me.. hahaha anyway my guilmates are nice.. but to tell you they are all boys.. i think only 3 or 4 of them (im not included) are girls... waaaahhh i'm not really comfortable being with a group of boys.. but i think it's ok.. i have to socialize with people...XD

anyway gtg now...

posted by Sinklaire @ 3/24/2006 06:19:00 PM
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