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just bored
Monday, January 16, 2006

Another year has ended, now it's 2006 year of the Dog... well I don't really like my new year's eve 'coz I've done at exactly 12:00am was to sleep hahaha my friends told me that I'll be sleeping for the whole year... but look at me I am awake... although I always want to sleep every time I got home... but I think its natural 'coz I'm tired after school

Anyway I don't have anything to say about the passed few weeks or should I say "a month" that I've been to lazy and always not in a mood (tinatamad) to post/update this blog of mine...

Oh! I'll be having a new blog layout soon!! Although I'm not sure when that "soon" will be... I already decided a new layout but since it's not yet thoroughly fix yet I might as well wait for my friend to fix it for me...

Oh ayan na ha! nagpost na ko jeddy kaso la talaga ako masabi... teka nga...

About the studies/school I think I'm a loner now... 'coz 3 of my close friends had been separated from me... though we have the same schedule, we're just not attending the same class hehehe but at least I know one classmate of mine that have the same schedule as mine... hahaha!!

To my bes! Sorry hinde ako pwde kahapon lumabas... hindi kasi ako papayagan tsaka meron din akong homework... freehand na nga kami eh... medyo ok lang.. pero parang perfectionist si sir! Ayaw nya ng impressionism na drawing hahaha pero buti na lang very good lagi ang comment nya sa gawa ko ewan ko ba... kahit may mali very good parin... haayy...

IAD (Interior Architectural Design) will be now BS Interior Design!

What the heck! We asked our professor about it and he explained to us that we can't take the board exam if we graduated in that course (IAD)... well it can't be help!

posted by Sinklaire @ 1/16/2006 05:01:00 PM
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