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Incredible huh?!?
Thursday, January 19, 2006

oh my! i didn't know that we have a quiz today in our Psychology class... i was very lazy not to study..(well i totally forgot about the day that we'll be having a quiz)
so when i entered the class my classmate told me that we'll be having an exam so i was shock yet i just look at the pages of the book trying to remember what our professor discuss about for the passed 2 weeks... later she told us to right down the teminologies, I was a bit nervous thinking that she might ask us to write the definitions that we've written down.. so after writing i din't ever bother to read the meanings of the words that i've written... anyway the quiz started and the first part was true or false... second was the identification.. OH NO!!!

well anyway during the quiz i was just calm.. solving every questions.. then after that we exchanged paper with our seatmate then checked the papers... HAHAHAHA I PASSED!!! i was happy although i should have got a higher score if i study last night..

***tell you something... last night, all i have been doing was just read a manga translation bwahahahaha!! i even slept at 11pm just to finish reading it!! hahahaha anyway i shouldn't forget about our quiz on tuesday! it's physics hahaha hope that i'll be having a good grade if i study...heheh

posted by Sinklaire @ 1/19/2006 02:45:00 PM
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